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Ernest R Geddes.jpgErnest R. Geddes was a congressman for many years and did many things for Baldwin Park. One of his greatest accomplishments was getting funds for Child Care Centers. He sponsored the bill in the legislature that furnished the funds. Mr. Geddes was also interested in education and sponsored other educational bills. This is the reason why our school is named after him.

Construction for Geddes Elementary School started in 1953 and was completed March 1, 1954. School opened in September of 1954.
Geddes is the only Elementary school in Baldwin Park with a 2 story building. The planning for the 2 story building begin in 2002. Construction started in June of 2003 and ended in June of 2004. During the school year of 2003 – 2004 Cathy Tierney and her class were the only ones allowed in the construction area to record the progress. They were given a tour by the construction foreman once a week. He answered questions from the students and Mrs. Tierney. Teachers and staff were allowed to move in their rooms in June of 2004.

Geddes Elementary School was highlighted by MSNBC. This is exciting news for our district!
Additionally, our former principal and district leadership went to New York City and participated in MSNBC Education Summit.

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Congratulations to the entire Geddes staff, students and parents. We are proud of you!