BPUSD Honors 2023-24 Employees of the Year

Baldwin Park Unified honored exceptional employees who consistently show their dedication to supporting students, families, and staff. This recognition was extended to the District's 2023-24 Employees of the Year, including classified, certificated, and management staff members. 

District-wide Teacher of the Year

Cynthia Milian, Geddes Elementary School Teacher

Cynthia Milian, a 20-year veteran teacher, currently teaches third grade Dual Language at Geddes Elementary School. Milian’s classroom approach includes developing assignments and lessons that foster both analytical and critical thinking and opportunities. Besides her commitment to students on campus, she actively participates in various development opportunities with over eight training sessions under her belt. Such courses include the Latino Family Literacy Project, Teaching English Learners through the Arts, and more. She has also been a part of over five different memberships and committees including the Gold Ribbon Application Committee, School Site Council Member, and the ASB Advisor Committee. This is Milian’s second District-wide Teacher of the Year award.

District-wide Adult and Community Teacher of the Year

Jesus Meza, CTE Electrician Teacher

Jesus Meza is a dedicated electrician and educator, who is also a former graduate of the BPACE Electrician Program. Transitioning from the field to the classroom, he has been teaching Adult Education - CTE Program for four years. His teaching philosophy centers on practical skills development and critical thinking, aiming to equip adult learners with essential electrical knowledge for career advancement. With a focus on real-world applications and fostering independent problem-solving skills, Meza cultivates self-reliance and empowers students for success in the electrical field. Through his patient, empathetic, and student-centered approach, he is committed to guiding learners towards excellence.

District-wide Classified Employee of the Year

Patricia Moses, BP STEM Academy Library Technician 

Patricia Moses is a versatile employee who has been a valuable BPUSD staff member for over 30 years. During her time in the District, she has served in various roles including Instructional Aide Bilingual, Playground Aide, ELPA, and currently serves as the Library Technician at BP STEM Academy.  Moses’ contributions, such as her willingness to assist others, exceptional work ethic, and positive attitude, have a remarkable impact. With her work in the library, she has created a space that invites everyone and fosters a positive atmosphere for learning and collaboration, which makes her an integral part of the school community.

District-wide Certificated Administrator of the Year

Christine Arkadie, BPUSD Director of Human Resources

Christine Arkadie is dedicated to enhancing the Human Resources processes. With an extensive background in education, and deep understanding of legal requirements, she consistently strived to improve HR efficiency. Arkadie's logical approach, coupled with her willingness to think innovatively, showcased her problem-solving skills in challenging situations. Her commitment to research, support, and fostering courageous conversations with employees underscored her exemplary leadership in the educational community. Recently, Arkadie continued her career journey with another school district, and left a respectable and deeply appreciated impact here at BPUSD. 

District-wide Classified Administrator of the Year

Nancy Rodriguez, BPUSD Director of Risk Management & Safety Response

Nancy Rodriguez excels in proactively ensuring the safety of the District's students and staff. In her current role as the Director of Risk Management & Safety Response, she is exceptionally focused on meeting the ever changing needs of our school community. With an extensive background in law enforcement and business services, she is committed to building lasting relationships within the District, and externally with partners and agencies such as the City Police, emergency services, as well as safety training and equipment organizations. In addition, she also oversees employee risk, safety, and benefits. Rodriguez is a proud product of BPUSD, and continues to expand her impacts on the school community.

Additional Employees of the Year for each school site were also recognized during the annual event for their impact on their school communities. 

“We are honored to recognize the outstanding dedication and exceptional contributions of our Employees of the Year. Thank you for your tireless efforts in shaping the future of our students and community, " Superintendent Dr. Froilan N. Mendoza said.



2024BPUSD_Employee1: Teacher of the Year Cynthia Milian. 

2024BPUSD_Employee2: Adult and Community Education Teacher of the Year Jesus Meza.

2024BPUSD_Employee3: Classified Employee of the Year Patricia Moses.

2024BPUSD_Employee4: Certificated Administrator of the Year Christine Arkadie.

2024BPUSD_Employee5: Classified Administrator of the Year Nancy Rodriguez. 

2024BPUSD_Employee6: District-wide 2023-24 Employees of the Year.