Geddes Elementary Hosts Inspiring School Read-A-Thon

Geddes Elementary School hosted a remarkable Read-A-Thon event, which welcomed families and VIP readers to read with students. VIP special guest readers included the BPUSD Board of Education President, Superintendent Dr. Mendoza, and the Baldwin Park Police Department Chief and officers, among others. 
Traditionally held within classrooms, this year's Read-A-Thon took on a new dimension by expanding activities to the outdoors. With the entire campus transformed into a reading adventure, families and guests had the opportunity to enjoy unlimited reading together for one hour across the campus. This innovative approach turned the entire school grounds into a campus-wide reading nook, providing an immersive and inclusive experience for everyone involved.
The event saw the highest number of families and guests ever, a testament to the growing enthusiasm for literacy and community engagement at Geddes Elementary School. Guests were encouraged to bring their favorite books or were also able to select one from the school’s library to read. The presence of VIP readers from the District and Police Department added an extra layer of significance, highlighting the importance of collaboration between educational institutions and community stakeholders in promoting literacy.
Looking ahead, Geddes Elementary School aims to build on the momentum of the Read-A-Thon by continuing to celebrate March as their literacy month. Springing off of Read Across America week, the school plans to organize a series of events throughout the month, inviting families and community members to participate and get inspired to promote the importance of reading.
“We hope that initiatives like the Read-A-Thon serve as a powerful reminder of the value of reading and the significance of community engagement in education,” Geddes Elementary School Principal Wendy Enriquez said.
2024 Geddes Read 1: Geddes Elementary family sits on the school field to read a book together at the 2024 Read-A-Thon.
2024 Geddes Read 2: Geddes Elementary Principal Wendy Enriquez welcomes guests to the 2024 Read-A-Thon.
2024 Geddes Read 3: Geddes Elementary family reads a book together at the 2024 Read-A-Thon.

2024 Geddes Read 4: Geddes Elementary family reads a book together at the 2024 Read-A-Thon.