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Return to In-Person Learning

Please click "Read full story" below to see a message from Superintendent Dr. Mendoza regarding returning to in-person learning. District Parent Townhall Meetings will take place Monday, March 29th & Tuesday, March 30th. Geddes Elementary Parent Townhall Meetings will take place on Thursday, April 1st.

Getting Ready for the School Year 2020

We are excited to get the new school year started. Here is a video for students and parents to get started. It will cover

-Logging into a Chromebook
-Getting into Google Classroom
-Checking student email (6th and up)

Este video preparará a los estudiantes y a sus padres para el comienzo del nuevo año escolar. Cubrirá

-cómo iniciar sesión en un Chromebook
-cómo entrar a Google Classroom
-cómo ver el correo electrónico del estudiante (grados 6-12)
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